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Take your intuition to the next level and break free from the energies that keep you stuck in the past.

Dive deeper into the ThetaHealing philosophy to unlock the full power of your intuition.

What to Expect:

  • Receive hundreds of new subconscious beliefs to get to the next level of your evolution through the neuroplasticity of energetic downloads

  • Learn how to expand your intuition and consciousness to receive insights and information from higher vibrational realms of existence

  • Discover different aspects of yourself that coexist with nature & the energies needed to achieve balance in your body, mind, and spirit

  • Learn how the subconscious energies of resentment, rejection, and regret may be the root causes of sabotage, imbalances, diseases & disorders, and being stuck in your life

  • Learn how to release the energies of resentment, rejection, and regret & redirect your subconscious to create more of what you want. By doing so, you’ll liberate yourself and your energies from being stuck in the past, so you can move forward in life with ease.

  • Learn powerful meditations and exercises to heal and shift the energies in your body, with a special focus on healing the womb & the heart

What You'll Get:

4 days of training,

4 hours per day

Official ThetaHealing book & course manual

1 online group coaching session follow-up

Foundational Workshop Number 2.

Pre-requisites: The Basic DNA Class 

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