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Learn how to identify your root subconscious beliefs to empower your beliefs & experience profound change in your life.

Uncover your beliefs by asking the right questions and digging deeper into your mind

What to Expect:

  • Learn the 8 proven ways to access your deep-seated beliefs

  • Learn how to ‘dig deeper’ by using a simple narrative methodology that explores and uncovers the deeply-held root motivations of your subconscious

  • Understand the basics of muscle testing

  • Understand the key differences between personal absolute truths and beliefs & how to shift beliefs related to your absolute truths

  • Learn how to master the ‘digging’ process

What You'll Get:

3 days of training,

4 hours per day

Official ThetaHealing book & course manual

1 online group coaching session follow-up

Foundational Workshop Number 3.

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA 

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