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VIP Intensive Day

Each VIP day is personalized on what you want to work on. Using a process called Deep Work, we will dive into the core of what is keeping you stuck. We will incorporate tools of guided meditations, belief work, and intuitive guidance.  If applicable, we will also create an intuitive creative strategy to help give you clarity and direction using methods of design thinking.

10am-4pm / Lunch & refreshments included

60 minute pre-session, scheduled one week before VIP day

60 minute post session, scheduled the week after for follow-up and conclusions

Location: Online, or in person in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Miami, or by special request in the states or internationally*

Let's look at how this works:

If you are not managing your subconscious mind, it's managing you.

Your subconscious makes the decisions for your conscious mind based on your life experiences.

It's only purpose is to insure your survival.

Your subconscious beliefs may be keeping you from what you really want and create unnecessary struggle because it actually thinks it's keeping you safe.

Your emotions and feelings in life create subconscious beliefs about who you are, what you're capable of and what it believes you deserve - not what you want.

Your emotions and feelings in life create subconscious beliefs that create hormones released as chemical messengers at a cellular level which means you are either creating a limited state of being lowering your energetic battery repeating the past thoughts, emotions and experiences, or an expansive positive state of being allowing you to move forward, expand and create new experiences while creating energy flow

Unhealed emotions from past experiences or accumulated stress are energetically stuck in the past and continue to release these chemicals and reinforce limiting beliefs. Parts of your mind and biology are literally stuck in time trying to solve problems of the past continuously. These parts of you have never moved forward in time and developed their potential.

In fact - they're usually wasting time, focus and energy trying to repair or get revenge at a subconscious level in very suddle ways. 

What does all of this all means for You?

It means that you can spend years in therapy, coaching programs, reading self help books, saying affirmations and trying to manifest what you want, but none of it really works because it's not working at a subconscious level by erradicating root cause beliefs, healing deep seated emotions and accumulated stress and teaching you how to effectively manage your energy.

It means the issue we think is the issue - is never really the issue.

We will work together to identify the root subconcious beliefs that are causing unneeded struggle, stress, burnout, drama and always looking - but never finding true love.

A lot of these root beliefs and reocurring patterns are deeply seated in childhood & teenage years which are the result of parenting styles or family dynamics. They can also be experiences shaped by influential people in our lives at school or in the communities we were a part of.

Other of these beliefs were from life experiences later on in life - such as failed marriages or relationships. Failures or set backs in professional life which may have been created from earlier rooted beliefs which created the quality of those very experiences. These beliefs were created to protect us from fears of failure, rejection & stress. A lot of our limiting beliefs have actually motivated us to succeed and do many other great things through holding onto negative experiences and emotions.



Through a combinations of tools rooted in energetics, neuroscience, epigenetics, psychology and spirituality, we will energetically reparent you by fix all of your parents mis-parenting. 


We will go back in time and access parts of you that may unconsciously be high jacking you that need to be healed by resolving emotions, eradicating root cause beliefs creating unnecessary pain & struggle, that you may not even be aware that you had but are at the bottom of deep seated experiences that are keeping you stuck in unwanted cycles or experiences and preventing you from having your manifestations be successful. We will then empower and redirect the subconscious to create more of what you actually do want so life shifts in more of the right ways.

Using measurable science based techniques, we will teach you how to effectively manage your energy so you can actually have the right quality of energy you need to create, upgrade to the new version of you, connect with the intuition of your heart, and become more magnetic to manifest a life you choose while stepping deeper into purpose.

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