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Anchoring deeper into your
Power, Purpose
& Divinity

A 6 month somatic group healing program to help you embody and ground deeper into your power, purpose & connection to the divine, while amplifying your intuition and releasing burnout so that you can create create your future self, life & work in alignment with divine will and experience more joy, fulfillment & ease. 

I created this program because over the past 10 years working with clients (and on myself) I realized that working only at the level of subconscious mind and clearing beliefs was not enough. There was something that felt stuck at the physiological level - that of the body, that needed to shift as well. A few years ago I deepened my study of somatics to find better solutions to resolve somatic symptoms coupled with life events and subconscious belief systems. As an intuitive, I was seeing blocks in the nervous systems that wouldn't clear - unthwarted survival energy that was basically accumulated stress.

This program helps you resource into the divine energies at the somatic level so that you can be more anchored into your connection to the divine, and use your intuitive guidance.

Here's what we will cover:

Module 1:  Understanding the nervous system

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