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You know you were meant to do something great in the world.

You’re smart, talented, and good at what you do but perhaps you’re wondering why you’re not living up to your full potential that you know is there, experiencing the life, love, career, fully authentic & supportive relationships or abundance you want.

You want to step deeper into your life’s work but you're feeling stuck or held back by your current circumstances, team, partner, support system (or lack of).


Or things are moving forward - but not as fast as you would like them to.


Despite having a successful track record on paper, you may not really even feel successful (what is success anyway, and who’s definition of success are you using?), or accomplished because you know you have the potential to do even greater things but you’re not doing them. Instead you feel stuck, and unfulfilled. You’re working way too hard and may even be heading for burnout (again).


Maybe you’re feeling anxious, experiencing self doubt or imposter syndrome.


Or perhaps you’re feeling stuck in some other aspect of your life such as love or relationships. 


You’re wondering if you’re ever going to be able to fully unlock your gifts and talents to become who you are supposed to be, do what you were meant to do, create the impact you know you’re capable of and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Despite all of the personal development, leadership development or therapy you may have done, you are still stuck in the same patterns that seem to keep repeating, each time just with different people, relationships or circumstances. 

You’re wondering: 

  • When is life going to turn?

  • When am I going to break through to the next level?

  • I really want this, but I don’t see how it’s going to happen

  • Can I really have it all?

You’re ready to do things on your own terms.

You’re ready to live life on your own terms.

You’re ready for more of the freedom you long for.

You’re ready for the love and abundance you were meant to have.

You’re ready to take your life to the next level.

You want to move forward without burnout, stress, or overwhelm. 

You’re ready to ditch self sabotage and imposter syndrome.

You’re ready to ditch the stress, struggle and hustle. 


You want more love and fulfillment, in all that you do. 

You want more inner and outer peace.


You are ready to align more with the level of success that you know is possible for you... and that you deserve.


It's time for you to step deeper into your purpose and power as the leader you are, to be recognized and seen and heard, so you can create more change and more impact in the world.


Are you ready to step into that future version of yourself?


I can tell you... Everything you want is possible for you and is already waiting for you. 

All you have to do is live in alignment and do the inner work, so your outer world shifts into what you want it to be.


That's where I come in.

Step into Your Future Self


Hi, I’m Tanya.


I believe everyone deserves to experience the freedom, joy, and fulfillment of living a truly abundant life on their own terms.


I’m an intuitive healer and guide for professionals who feel stuck and want to avoid overwhelm and burnout. You're ready to break through to the next level and align more with the success they deeply desire and know is possible for them, while living and leading consciously. 

You're ready to step deeper into their purpose and power to create more impact.


Through my process of deep energetic work, we intuitively identify root subconscious beliefs and energetic blocks that are holding you back from achieving what you truly desire. We clear them for good, so you can experience the success and freedom you desire living on your own terms.


Working together, my clients fully step into their future self with ease, while unlocking more of their potential so they can fully become who they are meant to be while living abundantly so they can have a greater impact in the world.

The truth is… everyone has limiting subconscious beliefs. Even millionaires and billionaires. It’s a fact. And it’s normal. And I’ve seen the most effective, powerful and quickest way to clear them for good to create real change that lasts for good so you can move forward at an accelerated rate is through laser focused energy healing. I know because in the 10 years I’ve been doing this work with clients, I’ve worked with Emmy award winners who had imposter syndrome, I've watched them write NY Times best selling books, win accolades and awards, step into C-Level positions of billion dollar technology companies, begin new start-ups, lead successful companies in senior or executive level management positions, and advise other leaders all in a more conscious and transformative way. I've watched people go from stuck, unmotivated and unhappy to being full of purpose and change the world by just being their true self in both small ways and big ways. And Just like it was possible for them to reach there goals, it’s possible for you to reach your goals too weather big or small, weather it's as simple as being happier with yourself or as big as (fill in the blank with your biggest dream)

Imagine what life will be like as you step into the new version of yourself and your life.

Imagine feeling more confident, joyful and in your power

Imagine feeling so connected to yourself and your truth, trusting yourself fully to make the right decisions to move forward 

Imagine feeling more supported by God/the universe, and those around you

Imagine trusting your intuition more to guide you

Imagine creating a life with more ease


This is all possible for you.

Here Are the Ways We Can Work Together:


Below are my current offerings. Your first step is to schedule a call to discuss which is the best option for you.  [link to consultation]


3 Months: Ignite Rapid Acceleration Forward in Your Life


An introduction to the work. In three months, you’ll heal and shift energies to set a rock solid the foundation for what’s next.


Who it’s for:  To support leaders who want to move through a change or transition quickly, such as:


  • Accelerate forward faster in work, career or relationships while continuously becoming the best version of yourself.

  • To get you to the next level in love, life, work or relationships

  • A new beginning ot transition in work, career, in love or life



  • 3 months - 12 sessions, 1 weekly. 60 min - 90 minutes.

  • Ongoing email or text support during business hours.


Working together for three months, you’ll have more clarity and confidence to move forward into what’s next.





6 Months: Unlock Your Inner Power & Potential 

In three months, you’ll heal and shift energies to set the foundation for what’s next and dive deeper into the work to get deeper and more expansive results to affect more areas of your life. You will begin to see your future self and anchoring into those energies for real change that lasts as you uplevel.


Who it’s for:  To support leaders who are feeling stuck and wanting to break through into the future self and life you desire in work, love, life and relationships. 


Embody your future self and bring the vision of the life and impact you want to have into reality with more radiance, joy and ease.



  • 6 months - 24 sessions, 1 weekly. 60 min - 90 minutes max.

  • Ongoing email or text support during business hours.

  • The option to attend an intuition development workshop at a special member rate


Working togehter for six months - twelve months, you’ll Experience 360 degree change in all areas of your life.


Using a holistic perspective, we will create more balance in your life as everything is interrelated. You will find that we will address all areas of your life including career, relationship,spirituality, and financial abundance as we work on moving you forward. 


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