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Discover how emotions create diseases & imbalances in the body by becoming a body intuitive.

Take your healing and remote viewing skills to the next level with this intuitive bootcamp. This seminar is for people who are serious about developing their viewing skills to work with the human body. Discover and ‘meet’ each organ and system & learn about their relationship to various diseases.

What to Expect:

  • You will learn how to access accumulated stress and emotions that have been carried for years in your body, affecting your physical & mental health through imbalances and physical symptoms

  • You will learn about the corresponding subconscious beliefs that are holding imbalances in place & release them through belief work with a partner

  • You will learn about the organ systems & master how to observe them intuitively

  • You will learn which beliefs are associated with each organ system & understand when the body is out of balance and why

What You'll Get:

15 days of training,

6 hours per day

Official ThetaHealing book & course manual

1 online group coaching session follow up

Core Curriculum - The Mastery Classes

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You & The Creator 

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