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Private Programs & Consultations for Accelerated Healing, Transformation & Growth.

I help purpose driven creatives, entrepreneurs, & people reconnect back to their source so they can radiantly contribute their gifts to the world in the most joyful, easy, abundant and intuitive way by reprogramming their subconscious mind to create more of what they truly want as they uplevel their success to the next level.

Elevate With Ease: Your Personalized Healing Journey

6 months or 12 months, 1:1 program

Limited spots available

Healing + Mindset Shift Coaching

We will create a more solid foundation for you to uplevel all areas of your life to enable lasting change while continuously stepping deeper and moving up higher in your purpose as you move forward while mastering the energies of life to be a powerful creator of everything that you want - never settling for anything less.

Healing to resolve the past and set the foundation for moving forward with ease, acceleration & joy while being a powerful co-creator with the life force energy instead. Ditch the drama, stress, struggle, imposter syndrome, fear and procrastination, inconsistency and setbacks. Mindset shifts occur as a result enabling you to move forward with more clarity and confidence.

As everything in life is intertwined, so we will cover:

  • Love

  • Money & Abundance

  • Confidence & self worth

  • Family, community & the world

  • Spirituality

Through tools rooted in:

Modern psychology + Epigenetics + Neuroscience + Meditation + Spiritual Philosophy

In this spiritually grounded & practical container we will:

  • Move you toward embodying your authentic self in grounded way

  • Let go of the past by releasing past mistakes, regrets and failures in personal & professional life

  • Heal betrayal and release betrayal bonds in personal & professional life

  • Increase abundance, self worth & confidence while continuously stepping deeper in your power and managing your energy effectively

  • Align you with the right energies and people who support you and your work to set you up for success through having the right inner circle of friends and co-creators 

  • Increase self trust and faith in a higher power

  • Connect with your inner voice of wisdom 

  • Continuously move you forward in alignment

  • Recognize and overcome mental blocks

We do this by powerful energy clearings done in a theta-delta wave that heals at the cellular level and reprograms the subconscious mind clearing limiting beliefs:


  • Energetic reparenting 

  • Healing the inner child & childhood wounds

  • Embodiment for grounding your energy 

  • Clearing beliefs & recurring patterns in your genetic line that influence you

  • Identifying and clearing the subconscious root cause of deeply engrained repeating life patterns originating from your family of origin that show up in all areas of your life from love, abundance, work & relationships that unconsciously limit you

  • Understand why and how you make decisions so you can understand yourself at a deeper level to create more of what you want

  • Set the foundation for manifesting so it actually works for you

  • Learn life lessons the easy way and resolve energies from the past that subconsciously are holding you back

  • Mastering virtues and high vibrational energies to hold you in a space of creation, flow and synchronicity

For more power and acceleration, combine with the Accelerator Workshop Program and learn tools for self healing that last a lifetime

Private 1:1 Healing & Coaching Session

60-90 minute sessions (max 120 min, depends on your specific needs)

Limited spots available.

These sessions are designed to help you move through any challenges that come up in your life, love or business/career. Using a ‘deep work’ process, I’ll help you get rid of years of limiting beliefs in one take.

You’ll leave the session with brand-new empowering beliefs instilled in your subconscious mind, helping you move forward in life with more freedom, confidence, joy and deeper understanding.

Full Day 1:1 Live Healing & Coaching Consultations (San Francisco or Location by Special Request) 


Limited spots available

Fast Track your transformation process and uproot years of limiting beliefs and deep-seated patterns in a single day. This is for you if you radically want to speed up your personal evolution and prefer the energy of face-to-face interactions.

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