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I am always moved by the kind things people I've had the honor of working with say about our experience together. Nothing brings me more joy and fulfillment than being able to witness break throughs & transformation everyday in the lives of others. - Tanya

“You'll want hours with Tanya.

In retrospect, belief and Theta Healing is the single most important thing you could do to change your life for the better.

I would have Tanya on retainer weekly if I could. 

She has healed not only my body/mind/spirit,

but brought clarity to my life purpose and business.

I'd suggest minimum an hour. It's like an Inner Engineering class.

The 3 day Basic workshops are worth every penny.

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime. Even though I'm now a certified healer myself (she's the best teacher as well) I still seek Tanya because she's the Dalai Lama to my monk." 

— Jessica, Forbes 30 under 40. Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Silicon Valley, California

“There is no mincing her words or misunderstanding her approach; Tanya gets right to the point and then removes the thorn.

In my mind there are two sides to the personal advancement battle: establishing your obstacle and overcoming it.

Unlike most everyone else, Tanya attacks them both and gets you results right away. Our work has helped me peel away layers, smash blocks that I didn’t know existed, and plot a course to an even richer potential than I’d imagined.

She is a ticket to freedom and fulfillment!

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this gifted soul."

— Michael, Award Winning Independant Film Producer & Human Rights Activist

Los Angeles, California

"There are some people that can merely help get you through the ebb and flow of life, and then there is Tanya, not just getting you unstuck, but opening up your eyes and bringing you to your fullest potential.

She delves into the core of who you are, reveals subconscious beliefs and pre-dispositions, and re-programs your thinking.

It's often more comfortable to hide, ignore yourself, or stuff your face with comfort food (my fave), when your life becomes off or when the stresses become too unbearable. But trust me, fully knowing and healing has been the most liberating experience, and it showed personally and professionally.

I am forever grateful for having met Tanya, because how you view the world after you meet her is as if you are a different person, having shed your old armor."

— Emily, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, fashion industry with celebrity following

Silicone Valley, California

"For more than twenty years the best way out for me was always head on, in the fast lane, excessively compulsively forward when it came to work, play and relationships. Always extreme highs and even lower lows from elation to despair and back again.

It wasn't until I met Tanya who saw right through me, who stared fearlessly into what I thought was an abyss and revealed to me the wellspring that exists within me and all of us and to help me break this cycle.

Tanya helped me realize through her sessions why this “do or die” approach to life has been a fundamental part of my identity and what also steps I could take towards, real empowerment, long term healing and true change. She helped me address issues and traumas and rediscover my internal compass to find the way out towards joy and fulfillment.

It’s a process and I can’t think of anyone who I trust more than Tanya to guide me through this journey. She is patient, inspiring, generous, loving and discreet. "

— Turner, CEO, global media strategy & services

San Jose, Costa Rica - New York City, NY

“When thinking about how to describe my journey with Tanya I find myself speechless.

Tanya has brought so much insight and peace into my life by delving deep into my core soul belief system.

She is able to unlock the subconscious mind by asking all the right questions, which she does with so much genuine love and patience.

The awakening and healing that I am able to discover and accomplish in just one session is truly remarkable. Tanya is the definition of Intuition. She is the real deal.

Tanya has such a beautiful and special gift, which I encourage you to experience for yourself.”

— Lexie, Hollywood Actress 

Los Angeles, California

"A couple of years ago, I found myself completely burnt out from a 15 year career ambitiously climbing the corporate ladder as an SVP that paid me a lot of money. I had a great lifestyle, but never had enough time to truly enjoy it. My love relationships were a disaster. I found myself alone, unhappy, unfulfilled, and wondering if I'd ever find true love and have a family of my own. But on the outside, I gave a whole different image to the world, and it seemed that I had the life everyone else wanted. I developed really bad anxiety, and my health (and my confidence) was deteriorating.

I decided to explore Tanya's belief work, and I was shocked to discover the different programs my subconscious was operating on. Tanya helped me see the  patterns throughout my time line that kept repeating, and where they were rooted. The belief work that we did was life changing to say the least. I slowly started to peel off layers - or rather 'my mask' that I showed the world, of old programming and conditioning.


I finally started discovering who I really am, and what I really wanted to do in life. And how to really live in true integrity with myself and others. I was able to completely shift everything, from finding true love, to leaving the corporate world, and founding my own business advising tech founders and start-ups how to grow and scale into multi-million dollar companies, while clearing the subconscious mental blocks making it an easier and smoother process for these executives, using the intuitive tools I learned with Tanya

I now earn even more money than my corporate job, doing what I love, living aligned with my true self authentically. And most important of all I'm genuinely happy and most of my anxiety is gone."

— Sandra, CEO, executive business coach & strategist to tech founders & start-ups 

San Francisco, California

Tanya is great at helping me grow in my personal and professional life. I've tried different types of therapy or personal coaches in my life and this has been far and beyond the best experience! I highly recommend working with her!

— Emmie, Founder, Disruptor & CEO, tech industry

Miami Beach, Florida

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