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Inquire About Requesting Private Trainings or Programs

Private Training or personalized programs suitable for: 

  • Organizations, companies and start-ups that either want to:

    • Provide a transformational experience to support their employees personal development while helping them advance inside & outside of work - 

      • Optimize emotional intelligence​

      • Enhance creativity, problem solving skills & innovation

      • Improve leadership skills

      • Improve interpersonal relationships 

      • Experience a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in work & in life

      • Reduce stress 

      • Reduce performance anxiety

      • Enhance and optimize performance

      • Work in the energy of harmony, flow and collaboration in teams

    • Provide a professional training to empower their students  or employees with professional tools to enhance their current practice such as:

      • Executive coaches ​

      • Life coaches / Business Coaches 

      • Therapists - MFT's, Psychologists & mental health and healing practitioners

  • Individuals who prefer to learn one-on-one by themselves, or who don't want to wait for the next group class. We work around each other's schedules, global time zones permitting. The advantage of learning one-to-one is learning how to apply these tools to work on yourself better.

  • Create your own group to share this experience in. Great for:

    • Friends

    • Family

    • Couples

    • Small groups with in a company or organization.

  • Customize your own group coaching workshop based on a theme we decide together.

    • Topics include identifying energy types and how they operate for optimization​

    • Goal setting, identifying limitations and changing beliefs through energy clearing sessions or one-on-one sessions.

    • Understanding purpose and applying it with intention to create

Please submit the form below and we will reply back to your inquiry within 48 hours.

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