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Heal unconscious bias & recurring generational family patterns while deeply connecting to the diversity of others.

Your ancestry and genetics store hidden information. When you uncover it, you can unlock at least seven generations of socioeconomic, political, and cultural conditioning, prejudices, racism, and intergenerational trauma that’s been passed down.


Free yourself from hundreds of years of repeating generational patterns within your ancestry, culture, and nationality. Help shift the collective consciousness and learn how to truly embrace people of different cultures and identities. 


In this knowledge-packed seminar, we also uncover the deeply-held genetic beliefs around love, power, money, possibility, religion, and spirituality.

What to Expect:

  • 5 days of intense belief work around releasing subconscious negative feelings & ancestral resentments towards people of different nationalities, countries, cultures, religions, identities, and institutions

  • Shift recurring ancestral patterns around love, relationships, money & possibility to make sure you won’t repeat the same patterns again

  • Heal your genetic line and shift your DNA at the genetic level – by doing so, you’ll also heal the generations to come in your family

What You'll Get:

5 days of training,

6 hours per day

Official ThetaHealing book & course manual

1 online group coaching session follow up

Core Curriculum - The Relationship Classes

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, & The Creator 

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