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Intuitive Healer & Guide for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Intuition Development Specialist & Instructor


ThetaHealing Instructor in San Francisco, Intuitive Healer for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Hi! My name is Tanya. 

I help purpose driven leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals step deeper into their purpose, up-level their success and help them take their life, work & relationships to the next level.

For more than ten years as a healer and intuition development teacher, I’ve been helping people step deeper into more freedom, personal power, confidence, abundance, love and joy by reprogramming their subconscious mind through powerful tools combined with deep energy healing that creates lasting life change.

I’ve also been teaching people how to connect to their intuition and the flow of the creative life force energy - or a higher power -  to contribute their gifts to the world and create more of the life, business, career, relationships and community they wish to see in the world and be a part of, while being a radiant force of goodness.

About me

Ever since I was little, one thing was clear to me: I loved helping people and being creative helped me feel more connected to something greater. I grew up across cultures - from the Caribbean, the US & Europe, and I was exposed to many different ways of being and thinking. Through that, I experienced how groups of people come together to create culture through their collective and how it impacts society as a whole at a deeper level through the creation of individual belief systems that people operate on - the deep seated beliefs of their ancestors, their family, community and country. This in fact fascinated me as I learned to navigate cultures and belief systems within and around me. 

As I pursued a successful design career in Milan,  I felt a deep longing to contribute my gifts to the world by being of service to others in a different way that was more fulfilling to me.

Then one day, by a twist of fate, I found myself sitting in a spiritual healing class.

And that day changed my life completely.

I learned how to connect to my intuition through a simple meditation technique that opened up a whole new world before me where I could access higher realms of information, creativity, inspiration and profound insights while gaining deeper understanding of myself, others and a higher power. I learned how to identify the beliefs in my subconscious that were creating my reality and how to change them to create the lasting change I wanted.

I found my mentors and the practice that helped me step deeper into my true purpose, get rid of my limiting beliefs, and clear my subconscious mind from decades of conditioning. I learned how access and channel intuition through my creative abilities. I learned how to connect the creative life force energy — the energy that creates everything.

And how this can be taught to anyone, as we all have this ability inside of us.

I became so fascinated by this work that I continued learning. As I continued to do my inner work, my outer world completely shifted as I stepped deeper into my purpose and power as a leader. In fact, I spent more than 10 years studying and perfecting how to work with the subconscious mind through various techniques and professional trainings, studying with spiritual leaders, personal development experts, and leading trauma experts. I left my corporate tech job and began to teach this work to others so they could experience the same results.

And today, my mission is to bring these life-changing, soul-awakening practices through workshops and private programs to those that want to know and experience a different way to live and be in the world. To those who don’t want to settle for anything less than what truly sets their soul on fire. To those who want to experience more freedom, fulfillment and inner peace. To those who want to experience success and contribute their gifts through an easier, and more joyful way.

About the work

Using the power of intuition, we identify and clear deeply ingrained mental and behavioral patterns using a combination of tools rooted in powerful energy healing using a theta-delta brain wave, somatics, neuroscience and mindfulness.

We break free from subconscious limiting beliefs and replace them with new, empowering ones.

We release energetic blocks and rewire the pyschobiology of the nervous system to unload burnout, increase more resilience, centeredness and grounding to fuel more creative resources.

It’s a fascinating process of understanding yourself better.​

You’ll step deeper into a new way of being.

You’ll start doing and experiencing more of…

Leading with your heart & intuition in a balanced and way...

Radiating from within…

Tapping into your infinite creative power anytime...

Loving deeper...

Creating more from a place of joy and abundance…

Receiving guidance from a higher power…

Healing on a cellular level…

Your belief system shifts. By changing your beliefs, you'll continuously become the best version of yourself while bringing out the best in others...

You’ll ignite change in the world around you, inspiring others to do the same, as we become better together.

Are you ready to step deeper into your purpose and power?

I'm here to show you the way.​

With Love,



Professional Bio

Tanya Gabriele is an Intuitive Healer & Guide for leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional who feel stuck and want to avoid burnout, and who are ready to break through to the next level and align with the success they know is possible. She guides leaders to step deeper into their purpose and power and create more impact, live more abundantly, and lead consciously.

With over 10 years experience healing, guiding, and mentoring professionals, she teaches healing and intuition workshops for leaders who want to develop their intuition and operate from a higher level of awareness, so they can create more impact and change the world.


As a former Creative Director in the technology industry with a background in design, she understands the dynamics of corporate teams as well as creative teams and the critical balance that needs to be maintained for creativity and innovation to flourish.


Her approach is rooted in deep and powerful energetics, somatics & psychobiology, polyvagal theory, internal family systems, attachment theory, parts work, mindfulness and meditation. Her credentials include being a ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science and Master Level Instructor and a student of Somatic Experiencing®.

She has worked with leaders and professionals at companies and organizations including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Salesforce, The United Nations, BNP Paribas, NBC, CBS, RAI, Lucasfilm, Gensler, and more. She has also worked with Start-up Founders and Co-Founders, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Emmy Award Winners and Executive Producers of award winning films.

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