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Intuition with IMPACT for Leaders,
Entrepreneurs & Professionals


One person really can make a difference.

Together, we really can change the world.

Step deeper into your purpose and power as a leader and operate on a whole new level of elevated awareness to unlock your intuition, unleash your potential and create the reality you want, so you can create more impact in your life,  through your work and in the world with more ease, joy and purpose, as you continually upgrade into the best version of you.

ThetaHealing® Workshops

Workshops to lead & live more consciously as you up-level your success in every area of your life
Get on the fast-track to heal & elevate your level of awareness by rewiring your subconscious mind and developing your intuition as you unlock your potential, so you can lead and live more effectively no matter how much success you've already had.

Discover ThetaHealing®, a world renowned meditation technique that uses a practical spiritual framework to teach you to ignite and develop your intuition, unleash your potential and heal by rewiring your subconscious mind using a theta brain wave on demand, while using focused thought and intention to use the energy of creation to manifest and create your reality, so you can become who you are meant to be, leading through the energy of love and virtue, as you discover or step deeper into your true purpose and true power so you can contribute your gifts and talents to the world.

You were born to be a leader.

Everyone is a leader and has the capacity to create change and make a difference.
Everyone was born with a purpose.
Everyone has true power inside of them.
Conscious leadership today requires healing.
Become the conscious leader you know you were meant to be as you live & lead on your own terms while making your contribution to the world with ease and joy.

Experience real tools that actually work that create lasting change:

  • Heal the root subconscious beliefs and blocks you never knew you even had that are influencing your:

    • Decisions, actions, way of thinking, behaviors and patterns

    • Stress responses

    • Relationships - friends, family, co-workers, business & community

    • True love - find true love with your life partner or improve your current relationship

    • Success level - breakthrough to the next level quicker and easier

    • Life purpose and career

    • Abundance - do you really have it all or could it be better? 

    • Happiness and fulfillment, releasing family obligations to be successful on someone else's terms rather than your own

    • Ability to achieve what you really want easily. 

  • Get un-stuck and clear repeating cycles: Replace old outdated beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle, blind spots and patterns.

  • Rewire your subconscious to elevate your level of awareness: Replace root subconscious blocks with new empowering beliefs to reprogram your subconscious mind to allow more positive shifts to occur in your life automatically or with more ease than ever. 

  • Overcome your past easily and quickly: Release past relationships, losses, disappointments, failures and rejections that are unknowingly keeping you stuck and blocking you energetically from having more of what you really want. 

  • Up-level every area of your life faster and easier: Shift your outer world by shifting your inner world so you can create a more rock-solid foundation to up-level in a sustainable way, with more power, ease, joy and fulfillment.

Make your contributions to the world and do your best work as you create the life, relationships and career you've always wanted in a more conscious and balanced way:


  • Become a better leader - weather you're the leader of your own life or a team: As you clear and replace limiting subconscious beliefs and blocks and rewire your subconscious mind, you will reach new levels of awareness that will open up enabling new spaces of elevated perception & understanding that will help you:

    • Become smarter by gaining better judgement: clear any blind spots and create better strategies for more success

    • Recognize and step into more opportunities

    • Recognize and clear toxic dynamics & patterns at work (as well as other areas of your life)

    • Be more visible and recognized

    • Make better and more profitable decisions that are motivated from the highest and wisest part of yourself instead of ego or survival mode

    • Increase creativity, problem solving, flow and innovation in your work

  • Step deeper into your power and purpose as the leader you are with more ease and joy: Do what you were born to do and meant to do in the world by using your gifts and talents to contribute in the most impactful, elevated and conscious way while inspiring others and positive change around you.

  • Use your intuition to unlock your creativity so that you can become a better problem solver

  • Connect deeper to your sense of purpose, connect to a higher power and find more meaning in your life so that you experience a deeper sense of fulfillment in your work, life, relationships, and being in the world as you deepen your spiritual connection.

As you heal yourself, you heal the world.

Everyone has something to heal. 

It's a normal fact of life: Everyone has subconscious beliefs. Some are positive, while others limit us.

Even highly successful people who are millionaires and billionaires have limiting beliefs in their subconscious.

By clearing limiting beliefs and reprogramming them with positive ones, you are healing yourself and upgrading your energetic vibration as you elevate your level of consciousness and awareness.


As you heal yourself, you elevate others and you help elevate the shift of the collective consciousness so the world can change in an easier and quicker way.

Healing is a responsibility we all have to do because we all have limiting subconscious beliefs.

We are all living in the legacy of inherited genetic programs ( we inherit 85% of our beliefs from our parents and genetic line - they're not even our own), beliefs and patterns we developed in this lifetime through our life experiences, as well as beliefs we have inherited from the collective trauma.


Additionally, we are all living in effects of what the collective consciousness is creating based on the subconscious programs formed in this lifetime as well as the ones we have inherited, that individuals are operating on - in particular that of leaders and decision makers who are governing and creating policies.

Look around at your life today. What are you creating?

Look around at the world today, your city, community & workplace.

What is the collective creating?

It's time to step deeper into your power and purpose as the leader you are and meant to be.

It's time to create the reality you want in your own life - and in the world around you, and live on your own terms instead of someone else's.

You know you were meant to do something great in the world.

Heal yourself so you can become the best version of you and to be the natural born leader you are,  accomplishing what you came here to do - what you know you were born to do

instead of struggling for years, hustling your way to burnout, dealing with drama,

wondering if God really exists or not, or playing small.

There’s no more time for that now.

The world desperately needs conscious leaders.

The world desperately needs you, your gift and talents.

Your ability to lead and inspire others to do the same.

When we shift our beliefs,

we shift the collective consciousness.

Our world becomes a better place for all of us as

We become better together.

Unlock the Power of Your Intuition:
Operate on a whole new level of awareness - above the game
Develop your true inner power through unlocking your intuition so you can heal, reprogram your subconscious mind, develop more virtues, know your purpose and manifest change in you life and in the world around around you, as you inspire others by leading through virtue.


The best leaders of our time have one thing in common: they all rely heavily on their intuition.

Whether you want to become better at leading a team, your business, or your own life – intuition is the key. Even if you feel like you’re disconnected from your intuition or never really tapped into it – with the right techniques, you can train yourself to access it anytime.


Experience a more elevated way to live, lead, achieve and just be in the world by using your intuition together with the power of your subconscious mind. Your life will never be the same again.

When we know how to train our subconscious mind, using the power of focused thought and intention to connect to the life force energy of creation and co-create with this life force energy:


We can create our reality with more ease because we can identify

and heal ourselves from limiting beliefs.

We can have a clearer and stronger connection with our intuition

to receive more wisdom and guidance.


We can make better decisions using our intuitive abilities.


We have a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, situations, the energies around us.

We unlock our potential, become more creative, find solutions easier,

have access to more possibilities, innovation and flow.


We realize, feel and experience being interconnected to others and the world around us.

We see beyond the veil of illusion.

We leave fear behind.

We are truly free.

We step deeper into our power and purpose as divine sparks of Creation.

We change the energies around us.

And by doing so, we change the world.

Are you ready?

Here's what's possible when you
unlock the power of your intuition:
Click on the boxes below
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Reduce Fear,

Stress & Anxiety

Meditation reduces cortisol - the stress hormone that creates fear & anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation reduces the emotional load you carry every day as well as the emotional load you carry from your past.

We train you to release and resolve for good the subconscious beliefs created from the emotional loads of the present as well as the past so you're always empowered using a simple and proven meditation technique that goes beyond meditation and into the realm of healing, intuition & creation

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Unlock the Power of Your Intuition Beyond the

'Gut Feeling' 

According to the Harvard Business Review, 65% of top CEO's use intuition to make decisions.


But did you know your subconscious mind makes your decisions before your conscious mind?  Understanding how your subconscious mind makes decisions requires you to know yourself.


We train you how to understand your subconscious while accessing elevated levels of intuition so you make better decisions

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Achieve Your Goals

With More Ease

Hustling harder is not the answer. Discover the deeply engraved subconscious blocks and patterns that are keeping you from moving closer to your goals.


Through the combination of changing your limiting beliefs to create a more rock solid foundation and sustainable mindset for you to up-level, while co-creating with the energy of creation, you’ll learn how to achieve your goals with ease... in a more joyful way.

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Master Virtues Easier & Quicker

Cultivate and master virtues, such as kindness, wisdom, gratitude and  purposefulness. Learn to view the past through a lens of compassion, forgiveness and understanding. Look forward to the future with excitement while staying grounded in the present. Release old sorrows, rejections, and betrayals that keep your subconscious mind stuck in the past – blocking you from stepping into your inner power and manifesting your reality.

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Manifest More


Fulfillment & Abundance 

Most of our subconscious beliefs about love, relationships, and wealth are formed at a very young age. As we operate from deep subconscious programming, we unknowingly replicate sabotaging patterns and stories from our childhood in all areas of our life. By clearing our subconscious beliefs, we get rid of the old patterns and make space for more meaningful connections, relationships and abundance in our lives.

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Heal at the

Cellular Level

Changing our beliefs in a theta-delta brainwave state is the doorway to instant healing. Every illness and traumatic event has an emotion attached to it in the body and a subconscious belief tied to it that is keeping the same pattern in tact or repeating. And in a theta state, we can download new emotions and reprogram our genes at the cellular level.

By doing so, we heal trauma and free ourselves from the unwanted emotions of the past. and unwanted repeating cycles in our health and life.

Begin Learning Now

About Your Instructor:


Accredited workshops are taught by Tanya Gabriele,

a Certificate of Science & Master Level ThetaHealing Instructor - the highest level of mastery - with more than 10 years of experience.


Learn more about me here.

ThetaHealing Instructor in San Francisco. ThetaHealing workshops in person and online.
ThetaHealing is a world renowned meditation technique that utilizes the power of theta-delta brainwaves on demand to connect you to the creative life force energy of creation.

The technique is designed to provide simple and practical tools for understanding & accessing your subconscious mind to redirect it to create more of what you want, while developing your intuition by learning how to connect with and be guided by a higher power as you master virtues.

Using a spiritual framework, it focuses on clearing root subconscious beliefs to heal the mind, body & spirit. 
Learn more about ThetaHealing here.

Workshops, Curriculum Flow & Testimonials

Begin Here:
The Basic Foundational Class

The start of your ThetaHealing journey. Identify and change your subconscious limiting beliefs, and start creating your dream reality.  

The Advanced Class

In the second foundational class, you’ll learn how to deepen your intuition and break free from the energies that keep you stuck in the past. 

Dig Deeper

In the third foundational class, you’ll master the art of working with your subconscious to easily and intuitively identify your root subconscious beliefs.

You & The Creator

Get to know yourself on the deepest level to understand the subconscious motives behind your decisions. Connect with a higher power to become a clear channel for the messages of intuition.

You & Your Inner Circle

Transform the energetics of your life, relationships, and business to magnetize the people who fully support your vision and growth.

You & Your Significant Other

Uplevel your relationship into an empowered partnership by learning how to balance energies and clear the genetic beliefs that are at the heart of most relationship conflicts.


Clear the blocks around finding true love and manifest your life partner. You deserve the best life has to offer.

You & The Earth

Learn how to interact with the Earth's powerful electromagnetic field to supercharge your healing abilities while releasing stress and genetic beliefs that keep you stuck in fight-or-flight mode.

World Relations

Release your subconscious cultural bias about race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, institutions, and gender so you can develop more compassion towards others. Uncover your genetic beliefs around money, love, and abundance.

Manifesting & Abundance

Master the art of manifestation, clear the deep-seated beliefs holding you back from inviting more abundance into your life, and become a magnet for your deepest desires.

Intuitive Anatomy

Become a body intuitive and discover how emotions create imbalances and diseases in the body. Heal your body, heal your life. 

Diseases & Disorders

A follow-up to Intuitive Anatomy, this information-packed seminar is designed to clear the subconscious blocks

related to working with diseases & disorders to activate profound healing on the cellular level.


Learn how to work with the mitochondria of your cells and inorganic matter to accelerate your healing journey and reach your desired results faster. Understand the ever-present

energy fields around you to ignite lasting change in your life.

Workshop Curriculum Flow


Experience immediate transformation in an extraordinary way. These classes set the foundation for learning how to access your intuition, uncover your limiting subconscious beliefs, and replace those beliefs with more empowering ones. Activate deep healing and move forward in your life with ease and purpose.
The Foundation Classes:

The Basic Class

The Advanced Class

Dig Deeper

The Relationship Classes:
Get to know yourself better and deepen your connection with others and the Earth, so you can live a life of purpose and be surrounded with the right people – all while shifting the collective energy.

You & The Creator

You & Your

Significant Other

You & Your

Inner Circle

You & The Earth

World Relations

The Mastery Classes:
Learn how to heal at the cellular level and be guided by high-vibrational energies to create a new reality for yourself.  

Intuitive Anatomy

Manifesting & Abundance

Disease &



Planes of


"I have been working with Tanya for quite a while now, and she has become my beloved and trusted guide on my ThetaHealing journey.

Tanya is a very patient teacher who listens, understands and guides her students and clients through some of their toughest issues. 

Without getting too personal, I’d like to say that the practical intuitive skills and tools I've learned through my in class workshops, private training and individual sessions with Tanya - such as future readings, manifesting, body scanning, belief work, and many more - are helping me every day in my personal and professional life to strengthen and elevate my relationships, while taking my understandings & perceptions about everything to a whole new level I never could imagine as I deepen my spiritual connection."

-Marina G. Founder & Creative Director. Mother.

  San Francisco, CA

"I took the introductory course with Tanya and was hooked - I felt connected to the technique, but more importantly, I felt the power of Tanya."

Tanya is a very caring and thoughtful instructor - she tunes into her students and is able to figure out what each person needs in her subtle way. On multiple occasions, she has stayed past class hours to work with students. She's incredibly tireless in ensuring her students are understanding the material and are also emotionally safe and comfortable. And of course, Tanya is a gifted healer and being in her presence in itself is very uplifting and soothing. 

- A.T., (*Initials used for confidentiality) Technology Executive of a global tech company & Investor

Silicon Valley, California

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 2.36_edited.jpg

" Tanya is an amazing teacher and awesome healer.

She can really can feel and see everything, even deeper, than anybody could imagine.

Every time she work on my beliefs, I definitely experience how my feelings change about the situations we work on and I see real shifts in my life.

I know ThetaHealing works 100%, and its helped me change my life and move forward with achieving my goals.

I've met and worked with a lot of healers & instructors before meeting Tanya, and I can definitely say that she is one of the best.

It's lovely to be around her. Understanding information as she teaches is so easy and clear. She is also very supportive of her students and classes are always amazing.

I wish many others to have the same wonderful experience I've had with her."

-Nataliya G.

Entrepreneur & ThetaHealing Instructor for Russian Speaking Expats. Mother.

Tampa, Florida

" Since taking class with Tanya, my life has so drastically and beautifully transformed for the positive.

It's helped me get in touch with my own intuitive abilities.

I have such a new level of awareness, and so much of this was through the guidance, mentorship and teaching of Tanya.

She understands the ThetaHealing technique so well and so deeply.

Not only that, she beings in a whole new level of input from her multifaceted experience and provides you with such clarity while teaching.


Her ability to transfer information from the course and also energetically has been so very helpful. I've taken several classes from several teachers, and she's one of the best I've taken classes from. Classes with her are so healing and nurturing. It has been so incredibly rewarding.


I can't wait to take the next class with Tanya specifically."

<< press play to hear and watch Raghdan's full testimonial

Raghdan Hassan
Award Winning Architect & Intuitive Wellness Guide
Dubai, UAE

"We are sister co-founders of now two  businesses with international reach - Hey Lady shoes and Love Twintuitives. We consider ThetaHealing workshops and private coaching with Tanya an essential investment in our own personal & business growth. 

Tanya has been our teacher and spiritual healer for nearly a decade now. We started with a chance meeting and one-off healing sessions (covering everything from cancer recovery and being safe to be seen and heard), but we really started to see results when we committed consistently with our weekly sessions. One session here and there was like putting out small fires and we wanted to prevent fires. We started taking multiple classes a year to learn tools to heal ourselves faster and more deeply, which evolved unexpectedly into us becoming mastery level spiritual healers. 


We’ve met many Healers, and just because they are a healer, it does not mean they can be trusted to have ego-less intentions.  We ONLY do private classes with the pure-hearted and gifted Tanya, including some of our top faves World Relations and You & Significant Other, where we can hyper-focus in a confidential private safe space and benefit from 1:1 private teaching tailored to our needs.  It allowed us to break through the glass ceiling that had frustrated us for a long time, as she coached us individually to heal ingrained blocks in our subconscious was actively avoiding, ex: genetic shame, poverty consciousness and more. 


The only group class we took with Tanya was Intuitive Anatomy, which turned out to be the life-changing catalyst for all students present, as we all stepped deeper into our true Life Purpose after that.


It was all worth it - and you’ll receive 1,000x the ROI in life manifestations.  Tanya, for every person you cross paths with, you change not only their lives for the better, but unknowingly a 100 more.”


Thank you, thank you, thank you - Emily & Jessica 

- Emily & Jessica Leung

Co-founders, Forbes Magazine Glampreneurs

Silicon Valley, California

"Tanya helped me transform my life and myself from a caterpillar into a butterfly, and has taught me how to develop all my intuitive abilities. ThetaHealing is an incredible technique, and in my classes with Tanya,

I have been able to heal deep wounds and transform them into power; To let go of limiting beliefs, and to clear the energies that haven’t been serving my life anymore... 

Tanya is one of the most caring, kind and compassionate people that I know. Her heart and energy are very healing. And for me these human qualities are super important especially when it comes to choosing a mentor and teacher. Just know that you will feel wrapped by Tanya’s warmth and love throughout your ThetaHealing journey. 

Despite this Tanya is an incredibly talented and gifted professional. Her ThetaHealing skills make it look so easy, and she makes learning these skills easy as well. Our classes are always so fun, light, entertaining, full of life, support, happiness and laughter; the only thought of it makes me want to be in class with Tanya again! 

Tanya is very ethical and has lots of integrity and respect towards the ThetaHealing modality and she transmits that in all her teachings which is admirable. She is always very encouraging and believes in us and our abilities so much, even before we can do it ourselves.

You can tell I adore my beloved teacher and can be talking about her and her abilities for hours.

Lastly and just as an FYI, all my Theta courses have been with Tanya and I wouldn’t do it any other way! With all my soul I thank my dear instructor”


- Sabrina O.

Entrepreneur & Social Media Expert

Algarve, Portugal

"I’m grateful to be able to have spent money and time well with Tanya as an exceptional and beloved Practitioner and Instructor.

Since we began working together in 2021, I knew I had encountered someone who has practiced and honed ThetaHealing technique abilities to excellence.


Knowledgeable, clear, caring, sturdy, and fun, Tanya delivers more than expected at every turn, bringing not only the clarity of her own witness, but also being with clients and students in a way that enhances the clear sight of who she is with.


She brings high-skill, high value, and outstanding ethics to the ThetaHealing world and is not to be missed.


She’s absolutely the real thing, and I’m honored to be on this journey with her as a student and recipient of her witness, and I’m thrilled be able to recommend her for people ready to experience ThetaHealing techniques that transform lives.


- Phoenix Jackson,

   MFT & President of Light Heart Therapy

   Napa Valley, California

"ThetaHealing is life changing - especially the Intuitive Anatomy class!

A real eye opener. I am a completely different person after each of these classes.

After working through beliefs from each class, I feel a lot more space inside of me. As if I was cleared of all that needed to go, and more space in my life has been created for the new to emerge and create.

I'm a lot calmer, a lot more aware of why things happen the way they do in my life, and because of this, now have the ability to not get engaged with drama in life.


Each ThetaHealing class is mind blowing. The Intuitive Anatomy class helped me especially with being able to clearly see subconscious issues quickly and to change them. My skills amplified greatly, as well as my intuitive abilities

Tanya is an amazing individual and Instructor. She is patient, kind, and extremely professional! 

I love ThetaHealing, and I cant wait to take more classes with Tanya!

- Kristina B.

   Mother, Conscious Parenting Intuitive  Coach & ThetaHealer

   San Francisco, California

"The ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy class tremendously enhanced my intuitive abilities as well as opened up my psychic abilities to heal.

I learned about how the human body works, and how to approach human wellness through understanding each system.

After I feel much more confident in working with the technique, specifically the digging work. The class was very well structured, and I loved every part of it. Every day I looked looked forward to intuitively exploring one of the body systems.

My intuitive process became more organized and structured as my intuitive abilities expanded exponentially. I started to see, hear and understand more while doing intuitive body scans and readings. The Intuitive Anatomy class will get you to a new level of working with people.

After this class, you'll get rid of many beliefs that will facilitate the healing process.

Tanya Gabriele is wonderful inside and out. During her classes, she creates a very supportive and nurturing learning environment that made each day a pleasant anticipation. Tanya has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her instructions and guidance helped me to deepen my understanding and enhanced my intuitive abilities.

- Marina

   Mother, Founder & Creative Director

   San Francisco, California

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