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1:1 Offerings for Professionals Who Are Ready to Up-level 

Private Programs for Accelerated Healing, Transformation & Growth

Break through to the next level in all areas of your life and align more with the success

you deeply desire and know is possible for you

You know you were meant to do something great in the world.

You’re smart, talented, and good at what you do,

but perhaps you’re wondering why you’re not living up to your full potential that you know is there, experiencing the life, love, career,

fully authentic & supportive relationships or abundance you want.

You want to step deeper into your life’s work but you're feeling stuck or held back by your current circumstances, team, partner, support system (or lack of).


Or things are moving forward - but not as fast as you would like them to.


Despite having a successful track record on paper, you may not really even feel successful (what is success anyway, and who’s definition of success are you using?), or accomplished because you know you have the potential to do even greater things but you’re not doing them. Instead you feel stuck, and unfulfilled and maybe even like a failure. You’re working way too hard and may even be heading for burnout (again).


Maybe you’re feeling anxious, experiencing self doubt or imposter syndrome.


Or perhaps you’re feeling stuck in some other aspect of your life such as love or relationships. 


You’re wondering if you’re ever going to be able to fully unlock your gifts and talents to become who you are supposed to be, do what you were meant to do, create the impact you know you’re capable of and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Despite all of the personal development, leadership development or therapy you may have done, you are still stuck in the same patterns that seem to keep repeating, each time just with different people, relationships or circumstances. 

You’re wondering: 

  • When is life going to turn?

  • When am I going to break through to the next level?

  • I really want this, but I don’t see how it’s going to happen

  • Can I really have it all?

You've had enough of all of this.

You’re ready to do things on your own terms.

You’re ready to live life on your own terms.

You’re ready for more of the freedom you long for.

You’re ready for the love and abundance you were meant to have.

You’re ready to take your life to the next level.

You want to move forward without burnout, stress, or overwhelm. 

You’re ready to ditch self sabotage and imposter syndrome.

You’re ready to ditch the stress, struggle, procrastination, burnout and hustle. 


You want more love and fulfillment, in all that you do. 

You want more inner and outer peace.


You are ready to align more with the level of success that you know is possible for you... and that you deserve.


It's time for you to step deeper into your purpose and power as the leader you are, to be recognized and seen and heard, so you can create more change and more impact in your own life, in what you do and ultimately in the world in whatever way you were meant to - weather it's in a big way or small way.


Are you ready to step into that future version of yourself?


I can tell you... Everything you want is possible for you and is already waiting for you. 


All you have to do is live in alignment and do the inner work, so your outer world shifts into what you want it to be.


That's where I come in.

Step Into Your
Future Self

Hi, I’m Tanya.


I’m a Belief Empowerment Expert, Intuitive Healer and Guide for professionals who feel stuck and want to avoid overwhelm and burnout.


If you're ready to breakthrough to the next level, to step deeper into your purpose and power to create more impact, and to align with the success you desire and know is possible for you while living and leading consciously, I'd love to support you.

Through my process of deep energetic work, we intuitively identify root subconscious beliefs and energetic blocks that are holding you back from achieving what you truly want. We clear them for good, so you can experience the success and freedom you desire living on your own terms.


Working together, you'll fully step into your future self with ease, while unlocking more of your potential so you can fully become who you're meant to be while living abundantly so you can have a greater impact in the world.



Here are the ways we can work together:


3 Months: Ignite Rapid Acceleration Forward in Your Life

An introduction to the work. In three months, you’ll heal and shift energies to set a rock solid the foundation for what’s next.


Who it’s for:  To support leaders and professionals who want to move through a change or transition quickly, such as:


  • Accelerate forward faster in work, career or relationships while continuously becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Get to the next level in love, life, work or relationships

  • Create a new beginning or transition in work, career, in love or life

  • Begin your healing and personal development journey 

  • Release stress, burnout, overwhelm and anxiety



  • 3 months - 12 sessions, 1 weekly. 60 min 

  • Ongoing email or text support during business hours.

Working together for three months, you’ll have more clarity and confidence to move forward into what’s next.


6 Months: Unlock Your Inner Power & Potential

In six months, you’ll heal and shift energies to set the foundation for what’s next and dive deeper into the work to get deeper and more expansive results to affect more areas of your life. You will begin to see your future self and anchoring into those energies for real change that lasts as you up-level.


Who it’s for:  To support leaders and professionals who are feeling stuck and wanting to break through into the future self and life you desire in work, love, life and relationships while stepping deeper into your power and purpose to fully self lead.


Embody your future self and bring the vision of the life and impact you want to have into reality with more radiance, joy and ease.



  • 6 months - 24 sessions, 1 weekly. 60 min

  • Ongoing email or text support during business hours.

  • The option to attend an intuition development workshop at a special member rate


Working together for six months - twelve months, you’ll Experience 360 degree change in all areas of your life.


Using a holistic perspective, we will create more balance in your life as everything is interrelated. You will find that we will address all areas of your life including career, relationships, family, love money, abundance and spirituality as we work on moving you forward. 

My Approach:

Our work together can help you know and understand yourself at a deeper level, sort out what's working in your life and what's not, while you create real change that lasts as you make the inner and outer transformations you desire, while stepping deeper into your true purpose and power to make a greater impact.


Together, we will clear the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and energetic patterning that are your internal stopping points and old repeating patterns that may be keeping you stuck. You can upgrade the internal operating system your parents handed down to you through genetic beliefs and conditioning. You can unload the accumulated stress that is causing your burnout, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and anxiety while recalibrating your nervous system and making you more resilient. You'll experience feeling more grounded and centered in your true power and purpose, and move forward with more joy, ease, excitement and motivation.


Through my process of Deep Work which I've mastered over the past 10 years, using a spiritual framework combined with deep energetics rooted at the intersection of somatics, family systems, psychobiology, neuroscience, and mindfulness, I'll help you redirect your subconscious mind using a theta-delta brainwave state to help you heal at the cellular level by instilling empowering beliefs and energy patterns that elevate your level of awareness and help you create and maintain a more sustainable mindset so you can create more of what you truly want, as you take your life to the next level at an accelerated rate... and have more fun, satisfaction and fulfillment doing so, as you embody your future self and the life you've always dreamed of..

Here's how a client recently described their experience working with me:  

I started working with Tanya in the summer of 2019. I was nearly 20 years into my career and 10 years of devoted spiritual and personal growth work. And yet, I was stuck in most aspects of my life. I had several narcissistic people in my life, draining my energy and fun. I was yearning for a family of my own. Also, I had been working a string of companies that had promise but weren't doing great. I was wondering when my life would finally turn. 

I had been working with another coach when I decided to take classes with Tanya to learn the tools she teaches for myself. I saw Tanya's picture and felt strongly that I wanted to work with her. I took the introductory theta course with her and was hooked - I felt connected to the technique but more importantly I felt the power of Tanya. 

The classes were so effective that I decided to have private sessions on certain topics. The personal sessions allowed me to hone in on certain stickier topics. I've worked on everything from bad habits to relationship issues to work concerns. Tanya is incredibly insightful and is able to get to the root of an issue very quickly. I was always amazed to learn what was truly underneath some of my lingering issues. After ten years of trying to work through them with other modalities and personal growth experts, I was finally being set free.

Within two years of working with Tanya, my life has completely transformed. The company I worked for was sold for over a billion dollars and my career started rising. I started receiving industry accolades and am now a sought-after speaker and investor. I was able to move out of my apartment and manifest the perfect property for me. The people around me are now supportive, loving and kind. I was able to create the family I always wanted. But most importantly, I feel confident, joyful and more at ease more than ever before. I feel more like myself than ever before.

Tanya will continue to be a trusted partner in my life, career and personal growth. I would re-invest with Tanya a million times over and working with her is a non-negotiable for me today. 

- T.A, (*Initials used for confidentiality) Technology Executive & Investor

Silicon Valley, California

What Clients Say

“There is no mincing her words or misunderstanding her approach; Tanya gets right to the point and then removes the thorn.

In my mind there are two sides to the personal advancement battle: establishing your obstacle and overcoming it.

Unlike most everyone else, Tanya attacks them both and gets you results right away.

Our work has helped me peel away layers, smash blocks that I didn’t know existed, and plot a course to an even richer potential than I’d imagined.

She is a ticket to freedom and fulfillment!

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this gifted soul."

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 5.30.19 PM.png

— Michael. Award Winning Independant Film Producer & Human Rights Activist

Los Angeles, California

“I'm even more excited about my life and future.

Before I started working with Tanya I was feeling very confused and unsure about the direction of my career as a therapist. I doubted past choices and found it difficult to discern what business projects I should spend my time and energy on, and what I should pass on.


Now after 3 months of working with Tanya, I feel much more secure in my role as a new teacher, teaching therapists a somatic modality that I love. My confidence and clarity has improved greatly since our work together.


I've also taken steps to grow my business. Regarding money, I'm newly able to see patterns around managing money that are not aligned with my goals and I'm making different choices and taking, real practical steps to improve my financial situation.


We also did a ton of trauma work which I did not expect which resulted in deep healing that has left me feeling a greater sense of freedom and belonging in my life. Through our work, I just really got clear that I don't want to hold on to things from the past. I'm thankful that we cleared so much energetically so that I can use my energy to co-create a magical life."


— Lawanda Jackson. Somatic Therapist & Healer, MA, LMFT 

    Napa Valley, California

"It wasn't until I met Tanya who saw right through me, who stared fearlessly into what I thought was an abyss and revealed to me the wellspring that exists within me and all of us and to help me break this cycle.

For more than twenty years the best way out for me was always head on, in the fast lane, excessively compulsively forward when it came to work, play and relationships. Always extreme highs and even lower lows from elation to despair and back again.


Tanya helped me realize through her sessions why this “do or die” approach to life has been a fundamental part of my identity and what also steps I could take towards, real empowerment, long term healing and true change.

She helped me address issues and traumas and rediscover my internal compass to find the way out towards joy and fulfillment.


It’s a process and I can’t think of anyone who I trust more than Tanya to guide me through this journey. She is patient, inspiring, generous, loving and discreet. "

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 3.02.13 PM.png

— Turner M., CMO & Global Management Executive for the Fashion,

    Arts & Entertainment Industry in Latin America

    San Jose, Costa Rica

“When thinking about how to describe my journey with Tanya I find myself speechless.

Tanya has brought so much insight and peace into my life by delving deep into my core soul belief system.

She is able to unlock the subconscious mind by asking all the right questions, which she does with so much genuine love and patience.

The awakening and healing that I am able to discover and accomplish in just one session is truly remarkable. Tanya is the definition of Intuition. She is the real deal.

Tanya has such a beautiful and special gift, which I encourage you to experience for yourself.”

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 2.53.48 PM.png

— Lexie, Hollywood Actress 

    Los Angeles, California

"I was shocked to discover the different programs my subconscious was operating on. The belief work that we did was life changing to say the least.

A few years ago, I found myself completely burnt out from a 15 year career ambitiously climbing the corporate ladder as SVP. My love relationships were a disaster. I found myself alone, unhappy, unfulfilled, and wondering if I'd ever find true love and have a family of my own. But on the outside, I gave a different image to the world, and it seemed that I had the life everyone else wanted. I developed really bad anxiety, my health (and my confidence) was deteriorating.

Through our healing work, Tanya showed me the subconscious root of repeating patterns in my life.

I was able to completely shift everything, from finding true love, to leaving the corporate world, and starting my own business advising tech founders and start-ups how to grow and scale into multi-million dollar companies. I used all of the skills I learned from Tanya in our work together as well as in her intuitive healing workshops now to coach founders and executives.

I now am doing what I love, earning more, living aligned with my values and have redefined what success means to me. And most important of all - I'm genuinely happy my anxiety is gone."

— Sandra M., (*Name changed for confidentiality)

    Executive Coach & Business Strategist to Tech Founders & Start-Ups 

    San Francisco, California

"My work with Tanya has been one of the most life transforming experiences I've had."

In our very first session, I felt the transformation within me, and for the first time I felt the healing and peace I was searching for since I began my journey. I felt something inside me completely change - I felt reconnected with myself and God "

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 12.36.49 PM.png

— Kat., CEO & Advisor to Royal Families in the Middle East

    Dubai, UAE

"In Tanya's exceptional capacity, coaching abilities and witnessing supported me to double my annual income, with initial changes objectively beginning less than 24 hours after our first session.

Since that time in 2021, her skills have grown even more robustly, and she exhibits talents that delight my being. Not just contenting herself to rely on her natural gifts, and her high-value skills as an executive coach and successful entrepreneur, she also takes regular trainings supporting others to heal trauma, which goes a long way toward helping people to remove self-limiting beliefs.


Tanya is completely invaluable to my practice as a psychotherapist, executive, and a wellness-oriented human being, and I never hesitate to highly recommend her for anyone who wants outstanding support to understand themselves better, improve communication and decision-making, and move forward in the highest and best ways for their being and their business."

Outlook-Phoenix he.jpg

— Phoenix Jackson, MFT and President of Light Heart Therapy.

    Napa Valley, California

"I've tried different types of therapy and coaches in my life and this has been far and beyond the best experience!

Tanya is great at helping me grow in my personal and professional life.

I highly recommend working with her!

— Emmie, CEO & Founder, Technology Innovation Product Creator 

    Los Angeles, California

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