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Offerings for Leaders in Forward Thinking Corporations & Organizations

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Unlock Your Potential as a Conscious Leader. 
Create More IMPACT as you step deeper into your power and purpose.

You want to grow your income and your impact without burnout, stress or overwhelm.
But more than that, you want to become the conscious leader you know you were meant to be.
You want to live with more freedom, ease, joy and fulfillment. 

Let's face it. The past three years have been rough.

We're recovering collectively from the wake of a pandemic, episodes of violence, civil insurrection and war that are still ongoing or have broken out, economic pressures and instabilities, and natural disasters among other things. 


Now more than ever, leaders have more challenges to deal with, and will have even more challenges to deal with in the future as the world is really ready and in need for change.


Chronic stress, anxiety and burnout are on the rise.

Our world has become more complex.

Our workforce has become more complex.

Our stressors have become more complex.

Our collective trauma that we all experience has become more complex.

Leadership has changed.

Leaders need to be more resilient, have the ability to stay more grounded and centered, while engaging teams in collaboration to find stronger solutions, be more innovative and add more value while managing and keeping engaged a burned out workforce. 


More companies are looking for leaders who have high emotional intelligence, can lead with compassion, be the custodians of culture, engage and motivate others, while navigating the complexities that require a different level of mindset, thinking and awareness - a more elevated one.

What companies are really looking for and desperately need are trauma informed conscious leaders who can navigate the current post-traumatic context and prioritize employee mental health and wellbeing, create more psychological safety and eliminate toxic workplace dynamics (which were exacerbated at the workplace by the collective trauma) while driving the bottom line.

Now more than ever, the need for innovation, cooperation, and the need to challenge and change what is current, what is possible and what is needed is accelerating.

Now is the time to create the greatest impact, to share ideas, to lead with courage and bravery, to speak up, and to contribute your life's best work because the world is really ready for change and what you do matters.


Why healing supports executives.


More executives, successful career women/men and entrepreneurs are now asking for healing in addition to coaching and/or traditional therapy so they can become more effective, accelerate results quicker, manage relationships better and overall lead and live more consciously while ensuing the wellbeing and mental health of their employees and workplace.

As a corporate leader
or entrepreneur,
leadership is part of
of all that you do.
Humpback Whales
Healing up-levels your consciousness so you can lead and live better while being more successful.

Experience the next level of inner work by rewiring your subconscious mind and your psychobiology to build more resilience in your nervous system using the power of mindfulness, intuition, energetics, and somatics, so you can continuously reach new levels of awareness at a faster rate while stepping deeper into your power and purpose to create more impact.

An innovative, powerful, yet simple, easy and effective way to heal at an accelerated rate while unlocking more of your potential as a conscious leader.

Why? Clearing subconscious beliefs - or healing - is the next level of inner work - beyond coaching, and beyond therapy. Healing allows you to heal  - and resolve for good - the subconscious root of whatever issue you are working through, so you don’t repeat the same level of thinking, patterns, behaviors, habits, choices, beliefs or decisions again, as you level up into a new state of awareness and energetic vibration that did not exist before. As you do this, as the energies around you shift more into alignment with the vision of what you really want. You lead your team from a higher level of awareness and you make better decisions.

Continuously unlock your potential & reach new levels of success.

At the same time, with new subconscious beliefs instilled, healing wires into you more inner power, confidence, resilience, self trust, clarity, compassion, purpose, joy and motivation so you take action based on a new acquired level of awareness that allows you to gain new insights and wisdom, solve problems better, be more creative, innovative, influential and add more value.

By rewiring your nervous system you are offloading all of the accumulated stress of the past as well as the stress of the present so you can increase your threshold of stress tolerance and your ability to be more resilient as well as bounce back in the face of challenges and pressure while ditching burnout, empowering you with a more sustainable mindset and performance in a more grounded and centered way.

Healing allows you to continually reach new elevated levels of awareness so you lead and live more consciously while further unlocking your potential. It creates a sustainable mindset and behavior change by creating an even more rock-solid foundation where you continually up-level in your professional life, as well as your personal life in a more balanced way. It affects not only your work and the impact you have, but also your level of success in all areas of your life, including relationships, income, health, wealth and abundance.

Conscious leadership requires healing.

With healing you are understanding yourself, your choices and motivations at a deeper level, so you can make wiser and better decisions as you resolve the subconscious root of:


  • Accumulated stress from the past, overwhelm and burnout:

    • Feeling low on energy or energetically depleted​

    • Feelings of cynicsm or negativity

    • Decreased levels of efficacy at work

    • Lack or decreased of a sense of fulfillment or purpose 

    • Lack of motivation

    • Anxiety

  • Feeling stuck or feeling like things take too long of a time

  • Emotional triggers

  • Procrastination

  • Overworking - always being in hustle mode from 6am-midnight 

  • Past mistakes and failures

  • Imposter syndrome, inner critic - a sense of self doubt related to accomplishments

  • Unlocking potential where it's hidden, stuck or dormant 

  • Having to constantly prove your worth by over working and people pleasing

  • Unconscious bias

These things may unknowingly be affecting you from stepping deeper into your power as leader by limiting:


  • Decisions around strategy & hiring - limiting beliefs create blind spots or keep in place beliefs or motivations that limit success

  • Keeping you stuck in toxic dynamics/drama at work

  • Limiting your judgement - when you understand your unconscious motivations and how your mind makes decisions, and why you believe certain things, you can make wiser choices based on the guidance of your higher self  instead of ego or operating in survival mode - where many people operate from due to accumulated and/or chronic stress.                                     In other words - you gain better judgment and insights so you can work smarter and be more successful

  • Visibility - limiting beliefs may be keeping you at a smaller level that you should be operating on, in hiding or keeping you unmotivated by limiting your talents and contribution through your work - or being less supported (than your coworkers)

  • Innovation and problem solving due to unconscious or conscious fear of failure, criticism, and uncertainty 

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According to a recent workplace study by Asana, C-suite members are at an average risk for burnout (62%). Of those who experience burnout, 61% also experience imposter syndrome.

- Asana,"Anatomy of a Special Work Report: Keeping employees engaged in a burned-out world”

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Nearly 70% of the C-suite said that burnout affects their ability to make decisions.

Women (67%) are more prone to burnout than men (59%)

- Asana,"Anatomy of a Special Work Report: Keeping employees engaged in a burned-out world”

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Over 85 percent of CEOs identified the fear of failure and criticism as killers to innovation and growth

- McKinsey & Company report, “Fear Factor: Overcoming Human Barriers to Innovation,

Many times, Executive Coaching is limited in its efficacy because the subconscious root remains unresolved that underlies the achievement of goals, the ability to effectively manage relationships at work, to improve professional performance and personal satisfaction. This consequently limits the overall effectiveness, culture and impact of an organization. 

What does this actually mean? The same repeating patterns keep playing out, just with different situations and people and the level of consciousness or awareness that the leader and ultimately company is operating on, remains the same or doesn’t change that much. In short - the same mindset equals the same level of thinking equals the same level of awareness and consciousness. The way to heal the root of the problem and change the outcome is through deeper healing.

Leaders who’ve done the inner work are better able to help others thrive.

Healing yourself by doing the inner work and reaching new levels of awareness allows you to understand yourself better.


When you understand yourself better, you understand others and their motivations better. You recognize and understand when, where and how to strategize, intervene, coach and manage more effectively, in order to support your team best.


Doing your inner work unlocks your potential as a leader and prepares you better for your role to lead. 


Overall, it improves the performance of your team while driving the bottom line in a healthier, more balanced and profitable way.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 65% of CEO's use intuition to make decisions. Doing this healing work can help you improve your intuitive decision making capabilities because you are clearing subconscious limitations. Your subconscious mind makes decisions before your conscious mind does. This means that having good intuition requires more than only domain knowledge. It requires you to understand yourself, your belief systems, your bias, emotions and judgements that may unconsciously over-ride good decision making.


As a leader, imagine what your work and life can be like
as you discover a new way to lead, live, love, work and create by:

  • Being grounded in your inner power, calm and confident as you feel free to just be yourself

  • Trust yourself and the guidance of your inner voice to make quicker and better decisions as you create more impact

  • Getting out of your own way so you are truly free and can move forward faster with more joy and feeling truly fulfilled with your work.

  • Being respected, more visible,  finding better solutions, adding more value and having more breakthroughs 

  • Having better relationships, harmony, and collaboration as you support others to rise as leaders by being an inspiration as you’re recognized as a conscious and compassionate leader who is able to motivate others as you drive change and create more impact

  • Having a balanced work and life, working less and doing more.

  • Having energy to enjoy your personal life experiencing more joy, freedom, ease, love, harmony, and fulfillment. Enjoying life as it was meant to be lived. Enjoying the life you actually once dreamed of that you wondered if it was really ever possible for you because you were stuck in the same old repeating patterns, stressed and burned out.

Are you ready to unlock your potential as a leader and heal challenges at their root cause to maximize your value and impact?


Are you ready to be recognized as a conscious and compassionate leader?

Are you ready to grow your income while reducing your anxiety?

If you’re ready to live more abundantly and have more fulfillment in your life, these healing programs below can support you.

Here are the 4 ways I work together with Companies & Organizations:


Private Programs

1:1 Executive healing programs to support you to thrive in your corporate life and personal life.

Together, we will discuss the needs of your company, team and you as an individual, and we will develop a tailored program.

Who's it for:

  • Leaders - Managers, Executive, C-Level, Entrepreneurs (Founders/Co-Founders) who want to live and lead more consciously

What it is:

  • 1 - 60 minute weekly session, 3 or 6 months renewable

  • Email and text support in between sessions during regular business hours


Weekly Guided Wellness Hour: Release, Recharge & Reset from Burnout 

Support your employees in helping them manage the ongoing level of stress that goes with their dedication, hard work and challenges of balancing work demands with personal life.

Give back an hour a week where they can release accumulated burnout, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and procrastination to increase overall performance, mental & physical health, mindset, collaboration, happiness and satisfaction.


Who's it for:

  • Wellness minded employees.

  • This practice can also serve as education and interest to non wellness minded employees and will benefit them as well.


What is it:

  • This is a powerful 60 min guided practice rooted at the intersection of mindfulness, neuroscience, meditation and somatics to help regulate the nervous system to build more resilience to stress tolerance through rewiring psychobiology.

This service is available online or in person.


Intuition & Personal Development Workshops

Intuition & Personal Development Workshops: Operate on a whole new level of elevated awareness - the level of intuition to create more impact while rewiring your thinking to create a more sustainable mindset to further unlock your potential, while reducing stress, overwhelm and burnout by resolving the root of subconscious blocks.

For creative and forward thinking companies who want to superpower (literally) their employees to be more innovative and creative, while equipping them with powerful personal development tools for life to heal and clear their own subconscious limitations to navigate their professional and personal life better.

Private workshops also offered for exclusive 1:1 training where leaders can hyper focus on their personal needs in a confidential space.


This service is available in person or online. Learn more here. 


Advising on Wellness, Customized Programs, Workshops or Events/Off sites

Together, we will discuss the individual needs of your company and team, and I will develop a tailored program to support these needs.

See my offerngs
Private Workshops

What Clients Say

"I started working with Tanya in the summer of 2019. I was nearly 20 years into my career and 10 years of devoted spiritual and personal growth work. And yet, I was stuck in most aspects of my life. I had several narcissistic people in my life, draining my energy and fun. I was yearning for a family of my own. Also, I had been working a string of companies that had promise but weren't doing great. I was wondering when my life would finally turn. 

I had been working with another coach when I decided to take classes with Tanya to learn the tools she teaches for myself. I saw Tanya's picture and felt strongly that I wanted to work with her. I took the introductory theta course with her and was hooked - I felt connected to the technique but more importantly I felt the power of Tanya. 

The classes were so effective that I decided to have private sessions on certain topics. The personal sessions allowed me to hone in on certain stickier topics. I've worked on everything from bad habits to relationship issues to work concerns. Tanya is incredibly insightful and is able to get to the root of an issue very quickly. I was always amazed to learn what was truly underneath some of my lingering issues. After ten years of trying to work through them with other modalities and personal growth experts, I was finally being set free.

Within two years of working with Tanya, my life has completely transformed. The company I worked for was sold for over a billion dollars and my career started rising. I started receiving industry accolades and am now a sought-after speaker and investor. I was able to move out of my apartment and manifest the perfect property for me. The people around me are now supportive, loving and kind. I was able to create the family I always wanted. But most importantly, I feel confident, joyful and more at ease more than ever before. I feel more like myself than ever before.

Tanya will continue to be a trusted partner in my life, career and personal growth. I would re-invest with Tanya a million times over and working with her is a non-negotiable for me today. 

- T.A, (*Initials used for confidentiality) Technology Executive & Investor

Silicon Valley, California

“ After just one session, I was able to raise more money for my company. I didn’t work on anything work related in our session - rather a relationship break-up.

In just 1 hour, I was able to uncover repeating relationship patterns and the subconscious root of them that went back to my mother and the relationship with me and my siblings that explained everything and had unknowingly been influencing me my whole life - from my unconscious motivations to succeed and achieve to unconscious beliefs that I had that were actually limiting my abundance and find true love.


Once we changed them, I was able to raise more money, and was over my relationship. I was able to see things so much more clearly - as if blinders were taken off of me.


I was completely blown away by how simple yet effective and easy the work was. Everyone should be doing this. Why wouldn’t you want to?” 

- Client Confidential. Co-Founder of a Social Impact Company

New York City, NY

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