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Manifesting More Abundance From Your True Source Meditation

Begin your day with connecting to the universal creative energy 

A Neurospiritual Training Method for Daily Use 

This simple meditation will activate your brain's Reticular Activating System and begin to train your brain to enter into a 5-7 hz theta brainwave cycle while showing you how to connect to the creative energy.

  • Visualizing and feeling what you desire coupled together with the right energies is 80 - 90% effective when using a theta brain wave for manifesting.

  • Not only that, you will begin to activate magnetism and synchronicity in your life.


Gain 10 New Empowering Subconscious Beliefs 

Walk away with 10 new beliefs to empower your capacity to receive more abundance and magnetize success instilled in your subconscious mind and at the cellular level.


Connect to Inner Peace &
Activate Your Intuition

Walk away feeling grounded and connected to inner peace as you move forward with your day taking using your intuition to guide you as you create from a place of inspired action

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