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If You Are Not Managing Your Subconscious Mind, its Managing You.

Look around at your life today. 

Your health, wealth, career, & relationships.

What are you Creating?

What is the Collective Creating?

Did you know that your subconscious mind creates 95% of your reality and that you're only consciously creating 5% of it?

Our subconscious beliefs are created through life events and accumulated stress, but we also inherit deep-seated genetic beliefs on the epigenetic level. Because our subconscious creates 95% of our reality, it can actually limit us from creating the life we want for ourselves, stepping into our true purpose, and everything else from finding true love, being more successful, and becoming more abundance. If you are not consciously manifesting your reality, your subconscious operates on auto-pilot and creates your reality based on your positive and negative programming.

ThetaHealing® teaches people how to connect to the life force energy of creation. You might call this energy a Higher Power, Source, the Divine, God, or something else depending on your belief system. We connect to this life force energy through entering a theta brainwave on demand.

In this state, we identify and clear limiting subconscious beliefs that are the root causes of recurring life patterns, behaviors, and situations showing up in your life. When you are connected to this powerful energy, you can replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones and instill new feelings. By doing so, you redirect your subconscious mind to create more of what you want – you become a powerful co-creator of your reality. Removing your subconscious blocks is the key to moving forward in all areas of your life at an accelerated rate.

It’s a process in which you also develop your intuition, so you can make better decisions and master your virtues (also called high vibrational thought forms). By mastering your virtues, you master the energies of life and become your most magnetic self. You become an unstoppable creator manifesting the best version of yourself and your life – a life of powerful purpose. The life that you chose, not one you settled for.


As you step deeper into your power, you’ll create more confidence, joy, fulfillment, love, and lightness in your life… while having a lot of fun. The goal of this work is to continually become better at being ourselves, so we can also get better at this thing called life...while becoming who we are meant to be... and doing what we were created for and meant to do here in this lifetime. As we do this, we change the world. We heal as a collective.

You can learn more about the origins of the technique here.

A Simple & Powerful Technique

The 5 Pillars of Healing & Transformation



Access States of:





Intuition Training &

Deepen Your Spirituality:

Access to higher realms of intelligence & information

Connection to nature &

a higher power


Cellular Healing

Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit:

Identify & release the root  subconscious cause of your blocks while shifting your DNA



Self Actualization through:

Evolving your consciousness & awareness

Mastering your virtues

Increasing your magnetism

Tapping into your inner wisdom



Experience More:




"Since I took the Theta Healing course with you, my life has changed dramatically!." 

I am now in the flow of my life and I am out of struggle.

It's like I've been given a tool box full of gold.

This is what I've always been searching for my whole life,

and I'm so grateful now to have it - the missing piece.

- Joanne. Entrepreneur & Creative Director

  New York City, New York

Release Your Subconscious Blocks & Experience Next-Level Transformation 

Apply the tools you learn during workshops to improve any area of your life.

Below are some of the changes you can expect by committing to the work consistently:

Love & Relationships

Navigate Your Relationships Smoothly & Say Goodbye To Drama

  • Remove your emotional triggers

  • Heal from attachment issues

  • Heal childhood wounds that are showing up as recurring patterns in your love life & relationships, replicating your family systems

  • Heal from past relationships & betrayal

  • Increase your confidence, self-worth & self-love

  • Get better at setting and maintaining boundaries

  • Manifest true love & the relationship of your dreams

Professional Life

Make Intuition Your Strongest Business Partner

  • Learn how to use your intuition to make better choices, recognize more opportunities,   and ultimately, be more successful 

  • Learn how to move your subconscious forward in time to see the outcome of your choices so you can make wiser decisions.

  • Connect and align with the right people, teams, and mentors who help and support you, your vision & your success

Clear Toxic Work Dynamics

  • Clear the energy-draining and distracting drama in your work life:​

    • Overly demanding clients or co-workers

    • Toxic and competitive co-workers & work dynamics

    • Micromanagement

    • Stop attracting difficult managers, co-workers, or co-founders who don't support you and don't give you space for self-realization 

  • Energetically align with the workplace or business partners that support you and your success

  • Become aligned with the right inner circle of trustworthy people, team and mentors that support your vision and success.

Achieve Your Goals Faster & With More Ease

  • Manifest dream clients and opportunities

  • Increase your confidence 

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence

  • Clear self-sabotage in its tracks

  • Eliminate decision bias by understanding the subconscious reasons behind your decisions

  • Enhance your creativity & problem-solving skills

  • Understand yourself and others on a deeper level & 

Step Deeper Into Your Life Purpose & Power

  • Clear your subconscious beliefs and blocks to fully embody your life’s purpose

  • Connect to your inner power to create change in your life and the world around you

  • Release parental and social conditioning, so you can live life on your own terms and discover your definition of success

  • Use these tools to receive guidance and wisdom from a higher power, your divine inner voice of guidance, so you can live a more heart-centered life grounded in your core values

  • Reduce the stress, anxiety, and fear stemming from unconscious beliefs related to past mistakes, regrets, and disappointments

Health, Wellness & Spirituality

Discover the root cause of physical, emotional or mental health conditions and help shift it

  • Integrate this work with any medical condition, medical treatment, alternative therapy, counseling, psychology, mental health or health coaching program to enhance its efficacy for a complete holistic treatment for body, mind and spirit

  • Reduce stress, fear and anxiety related to past trauma, accumulated stress or burnout

Develop & Strengthen Your Spirituality

  • Discover how to connect with a higher power so you can heal your feelings of separateness and be on the path to becoming limitless

  • Cultivate feelings of gratitude, appreciation, inner peace, faith, and trust to live a more fulfilling life

  • Develop your ability to see life from a higher perspective so you can see how all the dots of your experiences & decisions are connected

  • Free yourself from the regrets of the past by understanding the lesson behind every experience, and learn your lessons easily, quickly... and only once.

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