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Empower Children With an Intuitive Advantage to Become Smarter, Wiser, Stronger, Better, More Connected & Compassionate, so They Can Change The World & Become Who They're Supposed to Be.

Unlock inner genius, creativity, innovation, while creating a deeper awareness and connection to GUSS, and eliminating unwanted social and parental programming, allowing children to develop into compassionate & balanced adults who are self aware, while helping them evolve as spiritual beings connected to nature and the world around them. This class is for young adults as well as their caretaker or parent if they choose to attend together.

What to Expect:

  • Learn how to access creation energy using the world renowned ThetaHealing meditation.

  • Learn how to identify limiting subconscious beliefs and 'dig' for the root belief

  • Learn how to create new positive feelings through the neuroplasticity of belief work.

  • How to do an empathic intuitive reading

  • How to do energetic healings on the body

  • How to connect and communicate with guardian angels

  • How to connect to power animals using drumming and totems

  • How to develop telekenisis

  • How to connect with plants and animals, and do healings on them

What You'll Get:

4 Days of Training,

4 Hours per Day

Official ThetaHealing Book & Course Manual

1 Online Group Coaching Session Follow Up

Core Curriculum - Optional Foundational Preparation for The Basic Class.

Foundational Class for children & young adults

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